283 out of 365

283 Days into 2018 –

82 days left of this year and I feel as if I have become a completely different person.

This time last year I was still in highschool, and had extreme anxiety and self-esteem issues.

I was living an hour away from all my friends and 2 years into a long distance relationship.

Since February this year I have:

  • Graduated highschool
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  • Moved back to where my friends are
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  • Cut all my hair off
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  • Ended that relationship
  • Traveled to new places
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  • Started going to therapy and taking medication for depression and anxiety
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  • Began dating someone new (and incredible)
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  • Started working on my photography again
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  • I began to wear clothes that made me feel like myself… not caring what others opinions are
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I’m starting a job soon and college in the spring but before that; I’m flying internationally for the first time. In December I’m flying to Manchester alone to visit my significant other and meet his family.

This year has taught me so many lessons.

I discovered more of my own worth this year and I made new friends who add beauty to my life.

I also became comfortable enough in my own skin to do things I always used to shy away from (talking on the phone or to people in general, eating at a restaurant by myself, taking new classes, and pushing myself to be kind to strangers.)

Those things may not seem like much but growing up as an extremely shy child that didn’t order her own food at a restaurant until she was 13… it’s a big deal.

P.s (In light of my upcoming trip to England I have made a GoFundMe page for anyone who feels in their heart that they want to help me with costs for my trip. It’s going to cost about $3,000 for flights, lodging, and food.

Also to my friends and family, if you are thinking of getting me something for christmas.. this would be an opportunity for that. I would much rather get to go on this trip than have any more material things.

Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/5wdu6b-trip-to-england )

Thank you for reading and hopefully I will begin to update more regularly as my life begins to unfold

and I grow.



Clicking the Write Button

I’ve been staring at this empty canvas/shell of a blog for months, mostly wondering how to begin and how to introduce myself. I’ve had other forms of “social media” for years, but starting something new.. and trying to put who you are into a few words is more difficult than I remember. So I will just start by saying hello, and introducing some of the people, places, and the things that make me who I am.

Who I am is:

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Where I live


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Who I love


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Where I go


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What I love


In the blogs I write I will tell you more about the people and places in these pictures but this post is just an ice breaker, something to get the ball rolling and to let you know a little about me.
So, thank you for stopping by and now this “blank canvas” is a little less blank.