Introducing Insecurity

I have learned ( especially over this past year ) how devastating comparison can be. I have experienced, first hand, how invasive negative thoughts (toward yourself) can be and how hard it is for them to go away once you let them in.

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This world we live in and this society we have become is made for the beautiful.
Beautiful faces and people. Beautiful homes, beautiful pictures, and items.
The best of the best. And if you don’t have it, you aren’t as cool, or relevant.

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These are the things I have believed to be true. It’s amazing how something as incredible and complex as the human brain, can create thoughts that become a bulldozer plowing through the garden of your mind.

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In my case, comparison became scrutiny, which became insecurity. Insecurity grew into self-loathing which soon turned into depression. And so on and so forth.
The mind is a useful tool and a deadly weapon. It can be the watering can that helps you grow or the shears that cut you down.

Some truths I have learned by experience :

  • Just because someone has it worse than you, doesn’t make the way you feel any less valid
  • You cannot believe the things you see on social media to be true (in some/most cases)
  • Everyone has moments of self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed
  • Comparison WILL kill you
  • It is not beneficial to isolate yourself from others
  • It’s okay to not know whats going to happen
  • Cherish the good days, and cut yourself some slack on the bad

It is a lot harder to pick up the watering can after using the shears for a long time, than it is to pick up the shears after using the watering can.
In other words, it is a lot harder to stop comparing yourself to others than it is to start.

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The key to growing a beautiful mind garden, is to take the keys out of the bulldozer and throw them as hard as you can.
Take a step back. If social media is doing more harm than good, (and you’re able to) take a break from it. Pull some weeds and unfollow the people who make you feel bad about yourself. Plant some seeds by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel worthy and beautiful and good…

and watch your garden grow.

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